ClassApp: The digital scholar agenda that connects educational institutions with parents and students in an easy, simple and efficient way.

Comunicação Organizada

Organized and manageable communication

Keep your communication documented, organized and stored in just one place.

Confirmação de leitura instantânea

Instant read reciept

Knows, in real time, who receive and who read any messages that you send.

Assinatura digital

Authorizations with digital signature

Send and receive advices and authorizations, keeping the records safety and protected in law.

Confirmação de presença

Presence confirmation in events

Send scheduling meetings and events in an innovative way, with presence confirmation and automatic reminder to parents and students.

Enquetes interativas

Interactive surveys and reports

Have consolidated data about the parents and students opinion, send surveys and pools by the app, besides aplied and customizable reports.

Canais de atendimento

Service channels

Choose which service channels will be avaiable to parents and students. Have full control of managing your communication, seeting up the rules in your way and avoid frustation and conflicts.



Send general or individual messages in a simple and fast way.



An innovative communication tool that follow the hyperconnected world today.



Secure and private messaging with protected and encrypted data.



Validated tool by experts in digital right and meets the standards required by the Internet.



Proactive system that identifies the receiving and reading the messages in real time and, if necessary, send reminders redirecting content via email or SMS.

Sustainable and Economy

Sustainable and Economy

Sustainable communication tool that eliminates wasted paper, saving phone calls e improve your productivity.

Integration with existing systems

Integration with existing systems

Open and documented API, ready to integrate with your institution systems.


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